The Rite of Winter


Stories may well be lies, but they are good lies that say true things, and which can sometimes pay the rent. - Neil Gaiman

It is written

NEW: Tales For a Dying Sun

A woman contemplates her life after her husband storms off and leaves her in the middle of a national forest. Part of a collection available on Amazon.

Divine White's Introduction to Hollywood

I wrote, directed and produced this fun mockumentary webseries, about a crooked 'guru' acting teacher in LA. Nominated for an LA Comedy Award.

Digital Consultancy

The Digital Empath works with sole traders and SMEs, designing the best user-experience online while developing meaningful client relationships.

Follow - The Movie (extract)

Follow is the story of internet friends who close gaps in geography and meet in 'real life', challenging the idea of community in a digital age.

Doctor Who - spec script

'Doctor Who and Master Hyde'. Clara and the Doctor accidentally delete the NHS whilst touring 1960s Liverpool. BBC own Doctor Who and its characters.

Sherlock - spec script

My vision for an episode of Sherlock. The story is mostly inspired by The Copper Beeches. Rights belong to the BBC. Bad oyster jokes are my idea.

Divine White's Introduction to Hollywood

In this somewhat surreal mockumentary webseries, five British and bewildered actors take LA's 'finest' induction course run by the guru of all gurus, Divine White.

Divine White Episodes

Watch all six short and sweet episodes, each featuring vital self-awareness topics and industry tools: Feelings, Physicality, Voice, Sexuality, Marketing and Networking.

Divine White Cast and Crew

Come and find us on Facebook for cast interviews, photos, press from our launch event, exclusive trailers and our fabulous face-palmy gag reel.

About me

There is no life I know to compare with pure imagination.


I am a writer and content manager who has produced plays, short stories, websites, screenplays, ads, infomercials, specialist white papers, email campaigns, social media strategies, a novella, and one or two love letters.

I grew up in Reading, moved to London, moved to Barcelona, moved to Madrid, moved back to London, moved to LA, moved back to London, and moved up to Scotland, with years of meandering and unexpected adventure packed in between. I've taught English as a Foreign Language to people of many different nationalities and professions, walked El Camino de Santiago, driven across America for Obama's inauguration, become a digital project manager, performed in Sondheim musicals, and swum with the pigs in the Bahamas.

I don't know what I'll do next. But without writing, I'd die. Things I love include stories, cosmology, nieces, cheese, swimming pigs, trusting something you can't see, and defeating haters. We are all ugly bags of mostly water, and I think that's beautiful.


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