Getting to the heart of digital content


What do you want?

Content marketing and digital strategy begin life when three simple questions are answered.

What do you want to say?

Who do you want to say it to?

What result do you desire?

It’s rarely simple for you to answer those questions yourself. You may think you know the answers, but actually, when it comes to our businesses or our passion projects, our thinking can be muddled. Our objectives can be convoluted or inhibited. Our motivation can be shrouded in ‘should’ rather than desire.

The digital world makes it easier than ever before to sign-post who you are and what you do. Yet so many people still abide by rules set for them by outdated ideas and fears. They choose website designs devoid of personality, use standard marketing speak that just becomes noise, and pick images that look like accidental holiday snaps – meaningless to anyone else.

“Most people do not listen with the intent to understand. They listen with the intent to reply.” – Stephen R Covey.



Quite often, these choices are made because marketing consultants are just as guilty of not tuning in to your truthful answers. They can’t hear what you’re really saying. They do not, or cannot, get to the heart of you. They roll out standardised solutions, quote some statistics, and take your money. You could just as easily read a ‘how to’ guide on Buzzfeed that sets you up. But it still wouldn’t be you. The real you. Perhaps you don’t even know what that is. What if someone could gently help you find out?

I don’t feel that I work with websites and databases and marketing automation. I work with people. I listen. I hold up a mirror and present a clear reflection. I help them find their voice and work on ways to get it heard. I research their sector and together we carve an unique shape within it. Everything that follows is like helping a friend.

From the heart

Be daring. Forget ‘should’. Ask yourself what kind of human you want to attract (I’m assuming you’re looking to build long-term relationships) and how you’re going to call out to them in a language they can understand, on a frequency they can tune into.

Just because communications are increasingly digital does not mean the human element should be diminished. It’s the opposite. The more you learn to bring your heart and soul to the screen via your website and social media, the more you stand out, because there’s no one like you. Even in a world of 4.6 billion webpages, you can be unique and discoverable.

But it’s a commitment. The online world is dynamic – what singles you out today won’t be what singles you out in 2 years. So you get in touch with yourself, and you reinvent yourself. A little like Madonna (but never quite that awesome, because, Madonna). And if you need help with that, choose a consultant who listens. <3





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